BETTER CARE FUND Public Engagement Event

Are you over 65, care for someone over the age of 65, or do you work with people over 65? Your opinions and views are vital.

The first public event for the Better Care Fund (BCF) is coming on 18th November, and will be the first opportunity for you to give your opinions on how the BCF can improve the quality of health services and care in your area.

The event will start with a talk from Sue Reay, Head of Programme and Change Management at Stockton Borough Council, on Stockton's approach to the Better Care Fund. There will be question and answer session following Sue's presentation.

Attendees will then break into discussion groups to get opinions on improving qualitity of life, current services, and priorities for the Multidisciplinary Service.

Whether you are over 65 yourself or can advocate on behalf of those over 65, this is the event for you.

Refreshments will be available at the venue.

Confirm your place by clicking on the button below. Alternatively, contact Tom Coates on 01642 733906 or