KYM comes to Stockton

Know Your Money (KYM) is a project that works with young people in Teesside aged 16 – 24.

They’ve already made a massive difference in Middlesbrough, saving young people one and a half million pounds in total, and this summer they’re opening a new branch in Stockton.

KYM stands for Know Your Money, but financial advice and support is just one aspect of a huge range of services they offer. Their mission is to help young people develop as individuals and improve their lives.

Their team of specialist advisers offer one-to-one support to all clients. This may involve hints on saving money, help with creating a budget plan or advice on benefits you may be entitled to claim. It may be that they can help you get debts written off, provide access to reduced-price furniture and white goods, such as fridges and washing machines, or work with you to open a bank or Credit Union account. The KYM Job Club will help you craft an effective CV, alert you to job opportunities and make sure you’re interview-ready.

KYM Health is available for support with health and wellbeing, including mental health awareness and support. Their health advisors can help you cope with stress and anxiety, sexual health issues, drug and alcohol problems and much more. They run events promoting specific aspects of health, but you’re always welcome to make an appointment to discuss anything that’s worrying you.

On top of this, they run a range of free courses to help develop life skills. KYM Liveability teaches the crucial information about owning your first home, from how to put up wallpaper and change a plug to shopping and cooking on a budget. Moneywise iSkills covers money management and employability.  Other events and courses appear regularly, so stay in touch to keep up to date with the latest opportunities.

Our Stockton centre is opening soon on Whessoe Road, and will be a secure, friendly, comfortable environment, with access to computers and free Wi-Fi. There’s always something going on, from dance shows, open mic night and cooking clubs to the legendary KYM’s Got Talent and the KYM Clothes Show, so come down, sign up and see what we have to offer.





TS19 8LB


Telephone 01642 240336 for more information.

Facebook: KYM Middlesbrough

Twitter: @KYM Project