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Monday to Sunday 9.00am to 9.00pm


About North East Tribunal Solutions

North East Tribunal Solutions aims to increase access to justice for those that are unable to get advice and representation regarding their benefit appeal.  We seek to provide a holistic service, providing professional representation in the appeals Tribunal.  We will:

  • Meet with you at your home or at a place convenient to you
  • Provide an assessment of your case and gather evidence
  • Provide a written submission to the Tribunal and
  • Accompany and represent you at your hearing.

Who we help

The service can be accessed by anyone.

How you access our service

Face to Face Service

The face to face service can be provided at a location best suited to you.
Please telephone to make an appointment.
This service is available Monday to Sunday between 9.00am and 9.00pm

Telephone Service

The telephone service is available Monday to Sunday between 9.00am and 9.00pm
Telephone: 07422 516 299


You can get advice by emailing:


Charges for our service

Free initial assessment.

Conditional Fee Arrangement:
Initial Fee = £150.00
Percentage (tiered) of backdated benefit upon success at hearing or;
Fixed Fee = £500


Access To Interpreters

Unfortunately, we do not have access to interpreters.

Disabled Access

As appointments are usually held at a convenient location there are no issues regarding access. 

Home Visiting Service

A home visiting service is available. 

Organisational Information

North East Tribunal Solutions is a private organisation.

Complaints Procedure

Please email all complaints to

Complaints should be dealt within 8weeks.

What Services do we offer?

Information - The agency can provide basic factual details to help you with your problem by providing information through leaflets, fact sheets or by signposting you.

Advice - The agency will look at your problem in more detail and diagnose the problem, explore your options and provide you with guidance on a particular course of action. The information given will be tailored to your particular circumstances.

Advocacy - The agency will provide you with support and encouragement or represent your views, needs or rights eg make telephone calls on your behalf with you present.

Representation - The agency will take on your case and act on your behalf. This can include representing you at tribunal or court.

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